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Girl In Panties Tases Herself In Vagina


You can easily go for the “she’s perpetuating the dumb blonde stereotype” angle here. Like easily. I mean she looks like a dumb blonde who’s about to tase the shit out of her pussy. But I’m not gonna trash her like that. Instead I’m gonna trash her in another way. Yo how beat up is that pussy that it can withstand taking 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through her clit and entire central nervous system? Like yea she keels over and screams but I’ve seen people pass out instantly and start having convulsions and shit. Was this a bunk taser? I mean any genital region is suppose to be like the most sensitive part of any human body. This bitch rolls over and shakes off what is suppose to render muscle function useless, like it’s nothing. Laughs it off like its any other thing to do at a party like a keg stand or bogarting a bowl of chips. I mean if she was a 900 lb Goliath I would understand it, but she’s like a dainty 125 lbs and probably drunk. Not saying it’s one of those rigged disposable camera tasers you’d make in high school, but if that’s her self defense weapon of choice she should consider upgrading encase there’s a giant 6 ft tall, decent shape rapist charging after her because if her snatch can shake off a billion jolts, it ain’t doing shit to a real criminal.


P.s- Out of the entire English dictionary, having taser spelt with an “s” instead of a “z” is the dumbest move in all of the western Germanic languages and in lexicon in general .