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Bully Gets Rocked And Gets Tossed Into A Textbook Perfect Arm bar


Smh. Kids these days not learning. Trying to pick a random ass fight even though theres a 50/50 chance you will get your ass beat and put online for the world to see. Well youngster better have learned quick. I mean this wasn’t even a fight if we’re being honest. It was more of one of those military sparring training’s on how to take out a guy trying to murder you so you gotta murder him back. It was just his ass getting taken to school inside of the school. Its school-ception. Throw up the dukes and next thing you know before you can take a breath you get a hard right and before you’re brain can recover you get a left foot to the temple, get your ass rag dolled to the ground getting fist rained down on you and you only made it worse by trying to get up cause next thing you know you’re locked in an arm bar with your joints being stretched until the your arm can fold backwards. There really was no answer to any of that because that kid who won, for all I know, is about as versed in fighting as a military personnel with those moves. So just don’t go picking fights, or if you do, know that it will end up online so you better put your best foot forward and try not to look like a complete asshole for starting a fight and end up tapping out. Also, in 10 years their spines are gonna be fucked from wearing a backpacks that hang below their knees. Everyone loses.

For real though, that arm bar move was so legit.

This Girl Deserves An A For Parkouring Her Way Up The Side Of Her School To Get Back Into A Classroom.

Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo. I mean if school in japan or whatever doesn’t work out for this chick. She HAS to become a cat burglar. Some people just have that talent. At least from what I see in the movies. I mean Danny ocean can use a chick like this in his crew. Tiny asian girl whos mousey and flexible. Probably can hide in tough spots, obviously can get from point A to point B, in a fast non suspecting way. I mean its not only that she could climb a wall like that. Its that she did it swiftly with grace. Acted like it was no thang. Me, i wouldn’t be able to hold myself up trying to grip that first edge then i would fall down and get laughed at. This bitch just tackled it like she was a pro gymnast in a childs jungle gym. All in some shoes with a heels none the less. For now its 3 stories into a class room. Once she grows up and hopefully becomes sexy its gonna be Like CZJ in the laser room scene from Entrapment.