This Girl Deserves An A For Parkouring Her Way Up The Side Of Her School To Get Back Into A Classroom.

Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo. I mean if school in japan or whatever doesn’t work out for this chick. She HAS to become a cat burglar. Some people just have that talent. At least from what I see in the movies. I mean Danny ocean can use a chick like this in his crew. Tiny asian girl whos mousey and flexible. Probably can hide in tough spots, obviously can get from point A to point B, in a fast non suspecting way. I mean its not only that she could climb a wall like that. Its that she did it swiftly with grace. Acted like it was no thang. Me, i wouldn’t be able to hold myself up trying to grip that first edge then i would fall down and get laughed at. This bitch just tackled it like she was a pro gymnast in a childs jungle gym. All in some shoes with a heels none the less. For now its 3 stories into a class room. Once she grows up and hopefully becomes sexy its gonna be Like CZJ in the laser room scene from Entrapment.

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