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Porn Stars Talk About The Grossest Experience On Set (NSFW And Gross)


Theres two big things i learned from this video and its that if you’re shooting an anal scene, almost always theres gonna be shit that gets out. Second is that girls who put make up sponges while working during their period might be THE GROSSEST things ever. EVER. Hearing them talk about it smelling like a dead person makes me want to kill myself. That shit is so gross and foul sounding. How the fuck does a girl not realize they have something up their cooch when it smells like a zombie. Disgusting. Dont even read this post or watch the video because its gross.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.35.37 PM

This guy however looks like quintessential male european porn star. Down to a  T. Was kinda funny when he says he got shit on and it look like vegetable goulash. I never want ot eat that or think of that ever again but hearing him say it sounds kinda funny.

Also towards the end that one porn star talking about bitches getting cum drunk. Thats crazy. Ill never get a bitch cum drunk cause i just dont have a slinging cock for that but what a ride that must be.