Guy Fights Inmate For His Snacks In Prison, Wins And Feeds His Whole Crew

It’s become apparent to me that I have no idea how prisons work and what is or isn’t allowed in prison. I get there’s like white collar Martha Stewart type prisons for tax evasion and like insider trading nonsense but I assumed that this was like hardcore pound you in the ass type prison. Not that its fun or anything but prison just seems like your stuck in a massive freshman dorm. I mean shit i had no idea these guys were getting microwavable cheeseburgers and putting down Cheetos and shit on the regular. That’s a lot better than I thought. It’s like when they say it’s the little things that matter. A simple cheese burger, some Cheetos, a Canada dry, drinking out of your favorite Miami Dolphins cup. Shit’s not that bad. At least it takes away from the fact that you’re considered a person with out rights and stuck there for 10 years. But apparently you have cellphones, cameras and internet access too so you can upload your celly’s fight video to via Here I thought prison was all ass sex with guys, working out and converting to Islam.  I mean its still probably that but sometimes your boy knocks the shit out of another inmate and steals his loot and you get some chips to brighten your day and you think about how you didn’t just get knocked the fuck out and had your shit stolen. Not the worst thing in this world.

P.s- that shit was seriously some loot.

Top Ramen for days, burgers fresh out the plastic wrapper and like cheezits or something. Imagine getting all that shit taken from you. Again, you’ve had your room mate steal a pack of ramen here and there. Well this dude just snatched all of it.

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