One Of The Softest, Perfectly Timed, Motorcycle Accident Is Also One Of The Most Combustible I’ve Ever Scene


Lets break it down.

1.) That might be one of the slowest motorcycle accidents I’ve ever seen. Cruising slowly into an intersection at speeds that I’m pretty sure could be stopped if a 200 lb man in front was blocking. We’re not talking about pulling a Tom Cruise tuck n roll out of a moving vehicle scenario here. Guy coulda just hopped off the back casually and would’ve been fine. Not to mention the bus wasn’t exactly flying into the turn either. It was slowly cruising 1st gear clearing that turn as cautious as possible.

2.) The placement of the crash was so spot on. Nailing right in the cut between the cargo area and the actual truck body. Something out of an action movie. You can’t choreograph it any better with the dudes head bobbing right in the middle of the garbage truck.

3.) That shit got volatile quiiiccckkk. no smoke, just fire. A fire that erupted outta no where with absolutely no explosion what so ever. With out the fire this is your run of the mill Foreign country traffic accident video. With the fire, it’s just awesome.


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