Skittle’s Coming In Hot With An Absolutely Bizarre Mother’s Day Commercial

NYDN- The commercialization of Mother’s Day by candy and card companies means now is the time for sweet or sickeningly sweet ads dedicated to our moms.
Skittles went with just sickening.
In the ad, a grown son (wearing too small clothes) identifies the flavor skittle his mother eats — because they are still attached by a pastel umbilical cord.This is not a way we wish we could taste the rainbow.


First things first, when I saw the thumb nail I thought that was this dudes cock. Yea It was gonna get realllllyyyyyyyyy weird where I thought this commercial was going*. Not its just really weird.

But what kind of sick fuck at Skittle’s ad agency came up with this idea? Here’s how you make a commercial that will be successful

1.) Don’t have ugly weird people. Stick to hot people.

Mac’s mom from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and a moon faced bearded hippie that looks like a cousin of the McPoyles or a Schrute, again, not a good pick.

2.) Don’t have anything gross.

You know how the age old adage about husbands passing out in the delivery room? Some of it has to do with the overwhelming thought about your life situation, sure. The other is that your baby is covered in blood coming out of your girls vagina with a gross alien chord attached inside. Commercials shouldn’t have anything focusing on something coming from your genital balls region unless you’re trying to sling sex toys. I get it’s a Mother’s Day thing where that happens when you’re a mom but you just can’t go there.

I mean what really was the thought process here? What were some of the other ideas that were passed around? Was the human centipede skittle idea next on the board? And scientifically that wouldn’t even work. Taste receptors are in the tongue, not in the stomach where the umbilical chord is, you idiots! F minus Mother’s Day commercial


*- I thought it was gonna be like the mom blows him with skittles in her mouth and through his dick he can taste the flavor. Very weird. I don’t want to talk about this. There’s a lot of porn like this on Porhhub and Youjizz these days.

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