Why On Earth Were These Canadian People Just Driving On A Frozen Lake All Willy Nilly Until The Ice Cracked And Swallowed Their Truck.

Not gonna lie, being at this southern tip of South Florida really makes me feel like I’m disconnected from the world some times. Do people just willy nilly drive on frozen lakes up in the north? Like I know you can skate on it and ice fish but can you really drive across a frozen lake on a 5000 pound vehicle that’s powered by a combustion engine that gets warmer as it runs? Doesn’t seem like the most ideal method on crossing a frozen lake. Not gonna lie I dont know how anyone travels in the snow. I want to visit a snow area badly with my Husky but between winter tires and all wheel drive and trekking across ice lakes that your car can fall through, i have no idea if I’d ever survive making the journey north in one piece. Thousand percent chance I end up skidding on black ice into a frozen lake that just crumples like a sheet of tissue paper underneath. But I’m a south floridian, shame on these canadians for not knowing.

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