We Got Another HIGHLY Venomous Cobra Loose In Central Florida

HP- A central Florida neighborhood is on high alert after a man reported his two-foot suphan cobra missing on Monday night.
The highly venomous snake likely slithered out of its enclosure at a home in Oviedo around 9 p.m. It’s not yet clear whether it escaped the residence, the Florida Wildlife Commission said.
The snake’s owner, Brian Purdy, holds a venomous reptile permit. He reported his pet missing just after 11 p.m., wildlife officials said.
Purdy said he wasn’t home when the snake escaped. Instead, a man who had been shadowing him to obtain his own venomous reptiles permit opened its enclosure, the Ocala Star Banner reported, citing police.
The other man, who was using a shield for protection, opened the enclosure because he couldn’t see the animal inside, Purdy said. The cobra jumped at the man and then slid away. The man said he had made sure that the room was secured.

What a fucking asshole. At least once a year there’s one guy that lets a snake run wild that has the killing power of a god. What do these guys even do with a snake? Do they take it out for a walk? Try to pick up girls with a snake? No. They just keep them in Tupperware and let them stew and hate them and then feed them a mouse once every 3 days. I can get having fish because I’m asian and they look nice but if you get an animal that you can’t play with like outside and makes humans happier in life, then what the fuck are you doing it for? I’ve told this story before but I had a buddy who lives snakes and shit. Held one to me one time and said “look how cute it is!” It wasn’t Snakes don’t smile. Dogs do. My buddy ended up on a 3 month period where he binged heroin cause he made terrible life decisions. This guy let an animal lose which is the equivalent of a terrorist on the lose. Only difference between a snake and an ISIS member is this ones small and agile and can hide in small crevices and strike when no ones looking. This asshole let a terrorist on the lose so he should be detained and prisoned.

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