I’m Gonna Give This Charlize Theron Movie “Atomic Blonde” A Chance.


I’ll be absolutely frank here. I think in an effort to be original and steadfast in my own beliefs that I have become jaded and assume everything is a gimmick and nothing screams gimmick for a movie like lesbian scenes between some gunslinger chick. It’s like just printing money at that point because we’re all mindless horny idiots who will absolutely watch that in theaters and on DVD and on Demand. Now I like Charlize Theron. Maybe more so don’t hate her as opposed to like her but she’s done no real wrong in my book I don’t think so I’m gonna give this an unbiased watch. Its like a British government John Wick with a lesbian type movie. If It’s anything like John Wick, I’m sure it’ll be close to a cult classic/ smash hit. I can get down with that.


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