A Sinkhole Has Opened Up In Broward And I’m Pretty Sure It’s Time To Leave This State.


Fucking sinkholes man. This is going to be my cause of death I think. One day just driving around looking to grab some lunch and the next thing you know San Andreas happens in my drive way and I just end up being engulfed alive by the Earth. And I know I can probably google It but In my mind there’s no way to stop a sink hole and we don’t know the cause either. All I know is the Earths mantle is going to chew my ass and swallow me into hell hopelessly. That’s just the glamorous life of South Florida now. Warm weather, receding shorelines that is gonna put Miami underwater, and now enough ground erosion to dissolve the Florida Highway infrastructure that we depend upon since we drive everywhere. Here we were worried about Obama taking away our guns or whatever so we can’t defend our home. Well in a shocking turn of events, at any second, that gun is going to be useless as shit in protecting your domicile if the Earth’s old ass decides to have an anal fissure and take you in the middle of the night. Welcome to Florida.


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