Jagr Became Second All Time In Points Last Night


What an achievement. This whole season I’ve been contemplating what the legacy of Jagr should be. After his slow start here I thought he should call it after this season. It feels like the Panthers keep him around just for some media and fan service. Everyday becomes some new achievement just because of his tenure playing how ever many games he’s had and where that places him, but when he finally closes the book on his career he’s probably going to be remembered as a Penguin, not a Panther. But now things kinda changed. Obviously over the past week he’s proves he could still contribute with 4 points in the past 2 games alone (yes I get its a very very tiny sample size), but now he moves into second all time in NHL points. The only one above him being Gretzky’s point total which definitely will never be touched. So now it’s almost as if Jagr is at the very top in NHL lore. He’s a guy that played through the eras and achieved such an insurmountable point total wearing a Panther jersey. Maybe he will be remembered only as a Penguin for winning those cups, but as of now he’s still playing, and as much as we seem to be running though quick sand, he’s not stopping. That alone is keeping the dream alive that we’ll one day soon, win the cup, and if Jagr’s name is engraved in the cup one more time, then his time as a Panther definitely will be a large part of his legacy.

P.s- Gretzky’s point total is so ridiculous. I have no idea when Jagr will stop, but if they legalize the use of HGH, then Jagr will break it one day.

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