Our Beloved Ace, Jose Fernandez, Has Tragically Died In A Boating Accident

I’m absolutely shocked. This is so surreal I really don’t know what to say. Guy was pitching earlier this week and now he’s just gone. It feels like the Paul Walker death all over again when good guys with no problem what so ever just dies in a random tragic accident. This wasn’t an arrogant athlete who always partied or a celebrity who craved attention. It was just a young pitcher with all the talent in the world. And Jose was loved, man. This season is a little bit better than the past few but when it was an absolutely dead season there was always a ticket spike when it came to Jose day because the Ace was the anchor to this team. He was like a perfect icon for Miami too. Young stud, great looking guy, all the talent in the world, throwing absolute heat, and he was Cuban. It fucking sucks to know that a young 24 year old could have the baseball world by the balls but we’ll never get to see it. Fuck man, his family wont get to see it and it kills me inside cause the guy was truly a family guy. One of those Cubans who loves his grand parents and how the women elders in his life were his most important bond. And worst of all was, guy was set to be a father.


Thoughts and Prayers out for Jose’s Family. Miami will truly miss our beloved Ace.


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