Most Hated Man, Martin Shkreli, Is Auctioning Off His Face To Be Slapped/Punch For Charity


Bold PR take from Martin Shkreli but smart none the less. Who does PR for Hollywood’s most hated actors? You don’t see them putting up their face for charity. Sure they got to protect their face if they’re an actor or some shit, but come on. Guys like Shia LaBeouf aren’t getting casted in glamorous roles for their face and no one likes him post Transformers and he seems like the biggest asshole ever. Maybe if he wants to get back in media’s good graces get Mayweather to viciously right hook him for the troops. Turn this into a huge media spin live on Periscope and once you wake up from consciousness possibly a month later from the coma, Martin Shkreli might be able to walk down the street populated with aids patients and they wont even see him as the guy who hiked the shit out of their life saving medicine drug, and instead see the guy who’s sporting a black guy all for charity/ a guy named Mike who died. Not the savviest of PR moves on the clients behalf but sometimes it takes getting the shit knocked out of you to clean up your image.

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