The New Trailer Dropped For The Tupac Biopic And It Looks Intense As Fuck

Not gonna lie, heading into this i thought i was gonna be super super hyped on this but now im just super hyped. I love me some Tupac. Classic, smooth raps everyone who is anyone knows tupac was one of the most iconic rappers ever. But the thing is, this shit looks like its gonna be super heavy into the part of his life where he lost it and just assumed the world was out to kill him. That’s not necessarily my favorite version of Tupac. I liked the Tupac that was talking about Brenda dumping a baby in a traaash heap. Guy just spitting rhymes about the dynamics of the neighborhood and the fallout that occurs from a girl having sex with her cousin. As harsh a topic is that’s the move loving side of Pac. The version that would care and hold a little child. I wouldn’t put a child anywhere near this version of Tupac because he probably thinks the baby is gonna kill him and he’ll pull and uzi out on it. He’s always talked about being a minority and how it affects him. Its just more about how he does it. I mean Changes? Song is a classic. There was a more poetic side to Tupac and that’s just the version i like so maybe people wanted more of this later years pac but i hope we get a nice round about view of him.

P.s- Benny Boom and Hype Williams are probably the first two names that comes to mind when it comes to rap video directors.

P.P.S- screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-11-52-am

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