Cop Gets Caught Getting Road Head



Pretty presumptuous to assume that this is a cop. What just cause he’s driving a dodge and has some generic yellow license plate? Could be any government official job. Also pretty presumptuous to assume she was giving head. Lady could’ve been falling asleep on his lap or been trying to reach over his side cause maybe she dropped her cell phone or something.  God you guys, quit trying to get the man in trouble. But yea that guy was getting his dick sucked. If that guy was right here I would give him daps. Probably did the classic reach over to feel her ass move when you see head head move towards the right. Maybe put a finger in the asshole but maybe not cause she’s probably a hooker. And when he started hitting the yellow line, you knew thats when the guy jizzed all over the inside of her mouth. Eyes went cross eyed. And to her credit, must be some good dome as the kids say. Didn’t come up for air once.

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