Girl Gets Her Wig Snatched In A Fight

Yo I get that black chicks sometimes are forced to use that creamy crack shit relaxer on their hair to get it tame. Some like it au natural all curly and shit. That’s cool I’m fine with whatever, I just know not to mess with a black chicks hair. Got a weave maybe, it aint bother me if i don’t have to pay for it. And then If you have a full blown wig, whatever. As long as it doesn’t look so outrageous that I laugh at it every time then I don’t care. But whats the deal with the chick going drop top caddy leaving the patch on the back? I feel like if her hair grew out she would look like George Jefferson with that top bald pattern. Why doesn’t she just shave that shit off and go full Amber Rose? When i saw the thumbnail i thought it would be fucked up if i blogged it because I thought it was a guy beating up a girl or something. Thought it was like an uncle beating his nephew while wearing capri pants. Guess it was just a chick rocking a Costanza.

P.s- This is super fucked up but I’m not saying I didn’t chuckle. If a black guy made that joke it’s not racist

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.26.53 AM

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