Fat Guy Gets Caught Shoplifting. Getaway On Foot Is About As Pathetic As It Gets

I guess some South Florida residence have lost all dignity in life. This right here is it. I don’t want to knock the guy. Didn’t seem poor. Obviously well fed. What the fuck is he doing robbing a store? You got to play to your strengths and his obviously isn’t to make a getaway on foot. Once one sandal came off I was thinking it was an unconventional move but sandals don’t get much traction anyways. He’s a big guy, got to ditch what ever weight he can if he wants to make a clean enough exit. But like a truck with no tires on, he just lost all control once he nudged the very edge of a typical landscaping bush and got derailed entirely like a train on no tracks.  Sad man. Its a well known policy all these security guards at shopping establishments aren’t allowed to touch people or stop them even if they’re shop lifting. I don’t think this security guard cared if he fleeced his store or not. He just wanted a good laugh. All he had to do was go for a brisk walk. I know the internet can be a harsh place and people are laughing at this fat fuck and it is a little sad but if the world shames him enough to drop the lbs and be able to run with out getting side swiped by a shrub then we’ve done some good in the world.

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