United States Soldier Lt. Sam Kendricks Stops Mid Run To Stand Attention For The National Anthem

What an incredible scene. It was like taking a high powered super car going 100 mph to 0 in 10ft. Guy just stops everything he does when he hears that sweet tune play. It was like watching Elaine’s boyfriend Brett when he hears Desperado play on the radio. Everything needs to be silent when the National Anthem plays. You can play what ever Witchy Woman Brazilian Anthem all you want but he’s not gonna give a fuck about that. The best part was on top of that he was like searching out for an American Flag I’m pretty sure.  Hunted it out in the crowd like a shark sniffing blood. That’s like how lethal his patriotism is. 100 bucks says if they played the Star Spangled Banner mid jump he’ll float in mid air staring at that flag. And he’ll land it cleanly.

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