These Guys Don’t Know How To Play Frisbee

My god. I don’t know if I’m more amazed at the fact that its 2016 and these two idiots don’t know how to throw a fucking Frisbee or the fact that they threw it like they did and were somehow able to get that shit across 10 feet of ocean and winds. You hear stories all the time about people wanting to study how secluded tribes in South America and aborigine tribes would react to technologies like camera and television. Well I’ll give a very strong guess in saying their brains would explode because we have people born in modern times in a very culturally populated place and don’t know how to throw a fucking Frisbee. I mean at first I was going to be a little embarrassed when I saw the link because I’ll admit it, I’m pretty bad at Frisbee. No aim what so ever so 50% of the time I’m throwing quick cutting dive bombs. My stuff is absolute trash, but compared to these two nitwits, I’m like a Frolfing master. Seriously, It’s been 78 years since Fred Morrison threw a pizza pan along the beach of New Haven marking the first flight of the Frisbee. When you see a disc shaped object, it’s just so natural to throw it the normal way to let it glide across the air. How do we as people grow for nearly 100 years and then out of no where have two idiots that fuck that process up?


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