The Marlins Aren’t Sending Anyone To See Tim Tebow Work Out

SBnation- Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow wants to join a major league baseball club and is planning a workout, but Marlins President David Samson told Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald he “doubts” the Marlins will send someone to attend the workout.

Team president David Samson said he doubts the Marlins will send anyone to Tim Tebow’s audition for big-league teams. “Nothing is harder in sports than hitting a baseball and to not take a swing in [a game] for 10 years” makes this difficult for Tebow, Samson said.

Tebow, if he signs with a club, will be forced to work his way through an organization’s minor league system. While Miami’s plans with regard to its starting outfielders are unclear, the club doesn’t have room for Tebow.

Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich form what the Marlins believe to be the best outfield in baseball, leaving Tebow without a place to play.

Tebow is beloved by Gators fans throughout Florida after having a successful collegiate football career. However, as Samson noted, his athleticism alone might not be enough to result in an effective baseball career.

Perhaps attending the workout might have been tempting for the old Marlins, but under Don Mattingly, every player has a specific role. Tebow doesn’t seem to fit into the mix.

Listen, I don’t think Tebow would make a great baseball player. I’m sure by now everyone has nitpicked apart his wide stance and swing a million times by now. Even more, I’m not one to sign players just for the publicity because that’s all smoke and mirrors and when things don’t work out you deservedly get a shit ton of hate thrown your way. But this is America and I believe that people deserve second chances if they mean it. I mean it already blows my mind that somehow Tebow can’t fill in as a back up for any of the 32 NFL teams. You telling me Manziel was a better option than Tebow? Guy has trained for being an NFL player non stop since he was cut all while Johnny was in nightclubs rolling face with Bieber and shit. All I know is Tebow has heart. His style might’ve worked well in College and didn’t cross over to the big leagues but he just seems like he would be able to at least try to change and adapt if he were given the right coaching team around him. Same way I feel about Tebow in baseball. Seclude him to a baseball diamond, gym, and a little prison cell with only a mattress and a Barry Bonds as his celly and I just think the guy will willingly learn to have a great stance and swing. I know that’s a ridiculous sounding scenario, and still would end up being a horrendous baseball player. All I’m saying is why not just look at the guy. Charge a flight to Tebow’s work out on Jeffrey Loria’s card and see what the guys got.

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