Girl Matches With Olympian Joseph Schooling On Tinder. Ignores Him Because She Thought He Was Trolling.

Yo if that dude is just in your area, strong chance you guys can actually match up again on tinder right? That’s how technology works? I mean i know you shouldn’t sound like a desperate gold digging chick but if you get the chance to find this guy again it would be a pretty nice notch on the belt to say you banged the dude who beat Michael Phelps. But more importantly for this guy, that has to be his new Tinder Bio right? Like no one can really discern the difference between 100M butterfly and whatever else one of the god knows how many different styles of swimming Michael Phelps competed in. All you have to do is get the pic of your gold medal and say “I thrashed Michael Phelps at his own game for 100M”. You got to do it while your hot on the streets right now too. Once the summer is over and the Olympics are long forgotten your chance to cash that card dies down quickly unless you’re gonna be in Tokyo 2020 but at that point if Phelps not even in it, whats really the point. Throw it to this chick for the hell of it, but make sure you strike while the irons hot. It’s what the ancient Greek Olympians like Leonidas of Rhodes and Cynisca of Sparta would have wanted

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