Someone Wants To Let The Ocean Know “Hillary Is A Lying Bitch” By Writing It On Crabs

The Political race is close. Like neck and neck between Hilary and Trump. Well Florida is one of those swing states that actually mean shit for the elections because we’ve got an over grown population of idiots. Now I’m being totally honest. I’m not a registered voter. Does that make me a bad citizen? Maybe, but i wouldn’t stake my claim to any of these idiots. Trump probably wants me out of the country because of my eye shape and Hillary just panders to people and seems kind of like an idiot with the email leaks and shit. But say I was to decide to vote for someone. Perhaps I take a stroll through the beaches in Tampa or getting some seafood in Ybor. If I see random blue crabs making harsh statements like this, I kind of have no choice but to vote Trump right? Like on one hand these are the types of people these Elections are bringing out of the wood works. Trump supporters are crazy enough to catch blue crabs to get their propaganda across. But it’s almost so crazy that it’s so true that you gotta respect the message. Once the word spreads all across the bay Trump might just pull far and away ahead of Hillary.

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