Guy Spends 3 Days Making A Lego Sculpture Only To Have It Destroyed 1 Hour After Displaying it.

NINGBO, China — A Chinese artist spent three days and roughly $15,000 crafting a LEGO statue, only to have it knocked down within an hour of its public display.

According to multiple reports, Chinese artist Zhao built a giant figure of Nick Wilde, the fox from “Zootopia.” But less than one hour after it was placed in a shopping mall in Ningbo, China, for A LEGO expo, a young boy knocked it over.

Photos circulated on social media showing the destroyed statue as it lay in pieces on the floor.

The boy’s parents reportedly apologized to the Zhao for the accident, but that the artist denied compensation.

Perfect. I wouldn’t want this to happen any other way. I don’t know if I can explain it but its like just the right amount of disappointment for this kid. If it were some kid intentionally being a dick and straight up smashing your LEGO statue to bits then Zhao has every right to pile drive the kid on top of every jagged square piece of LEGOs that made up Nick Wilde’s body and still demand compensation. But he didn’t because it was just an accident and you can’t fault a kid for an accident. Maybe it was you’re dumb fault for not protecting your piece by cheating and gluing all the pieces together so they’re stuck like that forever through out time. And then all that’s left are his god damn feet/shoes and parts of his legs. I picture Zhao just staring at the bits and pieces of a genuinely well done creation, now smashed to bits but all that remains are his shoes. To me I just visualize like if someone were to vanish off the face of the earth his body gone with all thats left are his empty cloths and pair of shoes that didn’t even leave the ground. Must be devastatingly haunting because he knows he has the foundation to start it back up but if he really going to spend another 3 days building it back up? I think Zhao has to just give up LEGOs entirely. Just a perfect way to end the kids hobby forever.


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