Deathcore Bro Decides To Perform A Suicide Silence Song On “Romania’s Got Talent”

When a man took the stage on Romania’s Got Talent dressed in his finest suit, he transcended judgement of his tied back mohawk, but only for a terminally short while. The ultra downtuned guitars and concussive drumming of Suicide Silence‘s “Unanswered” came roaring through the PA system and the contestant started swaying back and forth with nervous energy before assaulting the judges and audience with his shrieking high screams and low gutturals.

This is something we’ve seen before, but the reaction, though consistently the same, is always worth watching. The panel of judges sit with their mouths agape and the man on the far right of the clip immediately jumps out of his seat, seemingly unaware any human could ever produce these sounds. After some time, the rest of the panel begins to laugh when the performance doesn’t stop, though they knowingly have the power to hit the buzzer, light up the ‘X’ in front of the judge’s table and collectively put an end to it. Only one judge hits the buzzer, but it comes right at the end of the song’s two minute duration. Sorry!

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Yo no joke your boy Ed Lee use to listen to Suicide Silence. You wouldn’t expect it because I’m kind of a fat jolly Asian 17 year old at the time but I liked to mix it up get a little freaky with my car tunes ya know? When you pull up next to some fuck boy on the road you don’t like sometimes you gotta blast something heavy to know not to mess with this guy. But mostly it was because that was the time where all these deathcore bands were on the rise and my two friends tried to form a band and use to play that shit all the time. What was funny was they use to mix in audio clips from Family Guy to their songs so it would be funny. What wasn’t funny was when it was my friend’s 17th birthday and we’re all in his mom’s van riding dirty bumping “No Pity For A Coward” on our way to a movie theater in Boca with his Mom’s ear bleeding and begging Jesus to change into something more peaceful. Good Times.

As for the judges on “Romania’s Got Talent,” what the fuck did you expect? Its Romania. Pretty much anything to east of Luxembourg and Switzerland I expect the rock music it to be like in the opening scene of xXx. Just a cult of metal bros in mohawk spikes and pleather screaming Bang Bang! with a bunch of pyrotechnics on stage. And I give the guy singing/screaming credit too. No suit wants to listen to that shit. No one sitting at their Romanian home on a Tuesday night after dinner wants to listen to that shit. Do you know how ballsy you gotta be to perform that stuff on a stage with NO ONE rocking out to your shit? I don’t know if all the judges wrote him off, but I would at least give him props for doing that shit. Id be blunt with him and tell him their looking for more of a Justin Beiber type, but at least give him props for that. Maybe if he did the version with the Family Guy clips it would’ve won them over more.

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