Quick Blog On Adam Gase


Alright, now that things have died down and people are in playoff mode waiting for Superbowl 50 to happen, I’ve thought about it and i think Dolphin fans should be a little bit more excited about Adam Gase than was initially said. I could be totally wrong because with this organization being run by Stephen Ross, things could just go terribly wrong, but the facts are now that moving forward, Adam Gase is our head coach for the next 5 years. Now the first reaction with no one really knowing anything about Gase was that this was Philbin 2.0 getting some OC with no Head coaching experience and him bringing in his staff and the next thing you know we end up .500 for 3 years. But by all accounts everyone around the league likes Gase and unlike Philbin who was stuck with 1 organization for for a decade, Gase has been around the league with a few teams and leaving behind a positive reputation every time.

Really that is the one big selling point to Gase, that he’s been around the league and under many respected coaches. Starting off with none other than Nick Saban when he was at LSU, from there to Mariucci, Mike Martz, McDaniels for awhile as a WR coach, then QB coach in under John Fox for Peyton Manning, to last year where he was the OC of the Bears working well with Cutler who might’ve had his best season as a bear with Gase working closely with him and ultimately that was a huge factor in hiring Gase.

Once the Dolphins committed millions upon millions on Tannehill, everyone expected him to break out into the franchise QB he’s shown some flashes of. Obviously things never worked out with Philbin, and after this little experiment with Dan Campbell, who is most likely gone once Gase brings in his team, it was time we focused a major part of the coaching regime on making Tannehill worth his money. If he’s able to make one of the most disliked QBs in the league into a somewhat conversation of a decent quarter back, then it seems like what we need here in Miami with Tanney making even more money coming off of a dismal season. Obviously there are holes in every part of the game that need fixing on defense and offense, but for now, we’re working on a problem that is the face of the team and organization, and for that, i like the move to bring in Gase and either way, I’m kinda looking forward to see how this unfolds, either an improved season or a complete disaster for the next few years.

P.s- I hate the #StrongerTogether hashtag. What ever, onto 51.

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