TBT: The Time My Grandma Received A Prison Letter

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.38.17 AM75159_10150342387140335_2134800_n

I was unpacking some stuff and I found this letter that we got one time in the mail from a Prisoner, TonE-GoDD, who mailed it to us because he is illiterate and probably didn’t know his buddies address. Enjoy.

“Whats good with you as for me i good just doing this time I just dont know how long im here to ddo i hope you and your big bro doing good yea id’s crazy being locked up for a bitch she talking crazy on me I go back to court on oct. 19 a day… before my b-day Im mad about that but i should be home soon so whad’s good in the hood Im hearin its crazy out there whats good with that and how was mimia (i assume he meant miami) when you was out there Im so mad I didnt go with you and if i would have i would never (looks liek herer) been in this shit Im in now and P.J he did me wrong all i acks him to help get me out and he fuck me over like he did’t have money to get me out. (< thats the 1st punctuation so far) hos that and i just give him 5,000 that same week so he till jay he got me so im thing-ing im coming home then he get locked up but you know whats so fucked up he didt send me shit like so i ca get food or call someone just fucked me over i can’t talk much about my caze but if he would have did what he said he was gooding to do I would have been good now but fuck him life go’s on Im just doing me for not but yo when you get this hit me back and tell your bro I said What’s poppin and all teh ppl I fuck with so you keep doing you thing and be sady(?) ps yo send me some pics of some ho’s I know you got some new ones…Lmso lookout for me your boy, TonE= GoDD ( or Good) 1# love

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