I Got Everything Wrong About This Dolphins/Patriots Game


Welp, the clock ticked down to 0 and the carriage has officially turned back into a pumpkin. People around here were riding super high after the past two games where the Fins put a whopping on Texas and Tennessee, But its just that. Texas and Tennessee. take who ever wins the CFB National Championship against them and they’d probably win. Now i for one, never thought it was gonna be a W. But I somehow talked myself into make some bold bold predictions that none of them panned out.

First one being that Dolphins would cover in the first half whatever the line may be. I figure we’d come out strong, unwavered confidence could carry our defense and at least score on an early drive.  Well thanks to the Patriots scoring on their first drive along with Tannehill’s uncanny ability to really suck at footballs sometimes, we get a 19-0 Patriots first half (Probably gonna be their record at the end of the season). So unless anyone somehow got the first half spread at +20, the Dolphins stunk.lolphins.0

So after i talked myself into believing they’d cover 1st half, its only a skip or two away from thinking they wont get blown out. All week I’ve been listening to podcast and radio and most of it was from New England guys. Its easy to see why they’re hate able, but i listen especially this one guy i subscribe to, and you should as well just if you like sports in general is The Danny Picard Show. Now he goes on to say that Patriots were gonna blow out Miami. Now he goes on to say this after he recapped last week game where it was 44-26 fins and pretty much disregards that. Now anyone who watched knows that it was like 38-0 at half time and we were pretty much playing garbage time by the 2nd half so In my head i was saying Danny Picard didn’t see the game, yea 44-26 is close but it was all in the first half and we let the foot off the gas. Basically all that lead me to think its gonna be egg on their face when its not a blow out, but low and behold. It was pretty much a blow out at a 29 point difference. CSiPP9jXIAAFmfX

But all of the above didn’t stop my brain. Its a big divisional game. They’re gonna play tougher, If i were New England i wouldn’t worry about winning, id be worried their Offensive weapons are gonna get injured on this now 7-0 run against this hungry vicious Dolphins team. Lets see how this worked out:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.18.17 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.18.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.18.43 AM  Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.20.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.20.36 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.19.09 AM

Turns out we were using one of those Looney Tunes shotguns that end up shooting yourself in the face all night.

Well we were riding really high after the last two W’s but finally checked back into reality. If anything i really hope this doesn’t hurt Dan Campbell’s chance at becoming the permanent head coach and i don’t think it will. I mean He definitely has some blame here tonight considering he said last week that preparation for this game was going to be all mental. It was gonna be game planning with the brain as opposed to just tackle drills.  Well be the time Tannehill watched that snap soar right by him i thought the whole mental game was cooked. Just absolutely rattled and ended up throwing like 2 picks because of it. But again, i like Campbell as a coach obviously more so than Philbin. And something about him when you hear him talk, he kind of sheds the big tough guy persona and falls into this emotional being. Kinda weird. He’s one of those giant softees i think deep down that just loves football and being around the guys. Well next up is Buffalo, hopefully Campbell gets it going again and we can atleast take them out in the division.

1 thought on “I Got Everything Wrong About This Dolphins/Patriots Game

  1. delete pinterest

    It’s like they just didn’t care. They were reviewing a 2 and 1 spot because they accidentally stopped the clock. The review seemed like they were trying to save face. Then after they get a sack, they take almost 20 secs off of the game clock trying to set the ball, with Buffalo O standing there waiting for Skeleton to shut the hell up and let them resume play. Then they take away a Hail Mary attempt. Bills players ought to watch their back leaving the stadium, Refs are still looking for them.


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