Fox Released A Trailer For The X Files Season And Im Not Sure How I Should Feel About It

After 13 years, the believer and the skeptic go up against the Cigarette Smoking Man once again. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully return in a six episode mini-series from X-Files creator Chris Carter. Premieres 1/24/16 on Fox.

Well there you have it. First look at the continuation of one of the greatest sagas in television history. Now i use to love watching X Files. Its weird because I’m like the biggest pussy in the room. Can’t watch freaky movies with things that pop out. Always have my hand over my face with one eye peeking through. All the stuff on these shows, X Files, Poltergeist etc, all of them make me want to put myself in a coma at night so i don’t have to dream and have nightmares.

After watching the trailer though, i have no idea what to think. Shit starts off as some sort of war propaganda piece and then they just casually mention that the governments using alien super soldiers? I mean from what i remember last was Mulder looking for the super soldiers. But then it kinda just mentions like NSA government spying on citizen type shit with Scully acting all Scully trying to “protect” Mulder. It just doesn’t seem like the same 90’s show i would watch.

Also if im gonna be partially honest, I just want to see Mulder and Scully bang. When i heard they were gonna reboot it for one last season I was getting pumped up to think about those 2 tearing off their suits and like having super alien enhanced sexual positions and abilities or something. Thats the X Files I wanted. The duo looking for super natural shit like a ghost and then stick it to each other while the poltergeist is watching. For some reason the Guy cop Girl cop duo just gets me going and this was the original one for me. After that its Stabler and Benson on SVU. Both those I need pornos of ASAP.

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