Fighter In The Ring Farts In Opponents Face, Opponent Proceeds To Vomit

Diabolical move! If i had to guess which WWF finishing move was the most dominant in the ring in the attitude era of wrestling it would have to be Rikishi’s stink face. Not only is it bad enough you have a 400+ pound like Hawaiian man drop his entire ass on you, but to smell his diabolical left over farts that lingering around his asshole could instantly knock out an opponent. I’ve seen people get up from a choke slam or bounce back from a rock bottom. Never have I seen anyone come out quite the same after a Rikishi Stink face (I have but for the point of this blog, shhhhhhh). As for this guy though, his face didn’t come anywhere near this white guys asshole so I don’t really believe he got crop dusted that bad, unless his farts are sooooo disastrous that the smell in blast zone was enough to have this dude regurgitating his lunch. All around quite a deadly finisher. It’s not a dirty trick or cheating, that’s just gamesmanship.

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