R.I.P To Brazil National Football Team Superfan Clovis Acosta Fernandes


Metro- One of the images of the 2014 World Cup was of megafan Fernandes clinging on to his replica trophy while Brazil collapsed to a 7-1 semi-final defeat to Germany.
The photograph immediately exploded on social media and Fernandes became something of a celebrity.
It later emerged that he had attended various World Cups since 1990 after leaving his job as a pizza restaurant owner.
With his wife’s permission, the Selecao’s most famous fan went on to dedicate his life to following Brazil.
According to Brazilian outlet Globo, he died after a nine year battle with cancer.

Anyone who watched the World Cup last year should remember this guy. Having the World Cup in Brazil, a place where o Jogo Bonito lives and breathes with every person there, making it to the semi finals and then getting curb stomped by Germany who went on to win the World Cup might as well have been like German soldiers bombing Brazil. Must’ve been devastating for everyone But none more than for Clovis here. That cameras were on him just tears in his eyes gripping that fake world cup trophy as if he was watching loved ones die. Guy just couldn’t let that trophy go but alas, Germany ripped it not out of his arms, but from his heart. R.I.P.

But then again this guy was still alive for all 5 of the Brazil’s world cups so be happy you got at least that, Clovis.

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