I Dont Care If This Video Of a Bird Lip-syncing The Song Dilemma Is Fake Because Any Video With Nelly’s Dilemma Ft. Kelly Rowland Is An A+ In My Book

“Blah blah blah its edited! its so fake! Its so edited!” If you’re that person, fuck you. Any video featuring a song from Nelly is like a hit and blog worthy, and any song from the era where he had a band-aid on his face was pure hot fire and if you don’t think so then you’re wrong and Dilemma happens to be like in the top 10. Somewhere in literature they’ll talk about Dilemma like its Shakespeare because what it is, is beautiful poetry. The tale of this fine black honey moving up the block in Nellyville but she got a man and a son tho-oh. Next thing you know they develop a love interest for each other but her man starts trippin about it but Nelly ain’t gon fight over no dame. Luckily, true love prevails when she comes through and sweeps Nelly up in her mans 2 seater because she just has pimp juice coursing through her brain and they just perpetually dance together through out the rest of time. One of the greatest love tales of all time.

Sidenote- how about Kelly Rowland receiving text messages over an Excel spreadsheet platform?Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.37.43 AM

Now yea I know this post had nothing to do with the bird lip singing the “Ohhh” part in the song but thats kind of the point. Anytime Nelly works its way in a video it should go viral. At least just enough to make you go on youtube and listen to all of Nelly’s singles but lucky for you readers out there Im gonna provide that for you. Hit the music! E.I!

^^The trumpet guys playing Dilemma!^^


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