Cute French Chick Takes To Youtube In An Effort To Find Her Soon To Be BabyDaddy

Damn, something about a cute french girl in need just gets me going. Yea what she’s looking for is the probably buff Australian dude thats a million times better looking than me who actually had sex with her and impregnated her but what ever. When her eyes in her youtube video locks with my eyes it just gets me going a little, thats all im saying.

As for the over all situation of her actually going back to Australia to find the dude who came inside her, thats a psycho move thats just so typical french girl. Classic Parisian meets the love of her life and after one night together, leaves only to return to find true love some probably buff looking aussie surfer dude who met her in a bar, got drunk, fucked, nutted inside her, found out 6 weeks later that she was impregnated by said guy, and is now looking for her. Classic french. From the guys perspective though, that must be the worst thing. Finding out you knocked someone up over viral video and shes on your home turf hunting you down. I mean theres a fare share that this video could be fake, but on the off chance its real, you just gotta track her on social media and do the exact opposite. She travels back to mooloolaba? Head to Fiji. Going to a bar you go to a lot? Stay put inside a library. Just a game of cat and mouse and just know if she finds you, your life could be over. A chick crazy enough to hunt down her baby daddy is crazy enough to kill her baby daddy.

P.s- Mooloolaba, by far the weirdest name of a city i’ve heard.

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