Brazilian Chick Gets A Boot To the Face In A Game Of Futsal

Someone tell that bitch to quite being so salty! From what I gather Futsal is just 5 on 5 soccer, and if thats true than these Brazilian chicks might be tougher than 90% of the Premier League, UEFA League, CONCAF, MLS any of those soccer leagues that I don’t understand. I mean by women’s standards, I would assume this would be the equivalent of like Steve Weatherford’s muscular ass putting the boot to your throat. I mean that chick probably doesn’t eat like birds pecking at salads. Brazilian chicks get their fair share of protein and her thighs show it. Built like a horse leg and the chick in orange just took it like it was a light jab to the chin. Got up and toughed it out. If this were Fifa id half expect the team to just throw an emergency funeral for the guy.

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