The Broadway Cast of The Lion King and Aladdin Have a Sing-Off After a 6 Hour Delay at LeGuardia

I love The Lion King and Aladdin. Classic movies that I’ll cherish from my childhood forever probably. Heart warming tales about courage that imparted a lot of wisdom on me. That being said, I would want to grab a megaphone and tell everyone there to shut the fuck up. Traveling by air is one of the most stressful things ever. It takes a year off your life. If I were delayed and stranded in an airport for 6 hours then my day is done. Mood and emotion is gone. All I want to hear is that my plane will begin boarding immediately. I want to just listen to my headphones and scroll through twitter and instagram and get the fuck going to where I need to be. I dont want some lady bellowing “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAHHHH SOWHENYAAAAAAHHHHHHHH MAMABEATSEBABAAAHHHH!!!!” None of that shit. Cut it out. If i don’t get to see the animated lion and Abu the monkey then all that singing just sounds like the nosiest fucking commotion ever. That shit doesn’t belong in the airport. I might want to watch it on my flight in a deathtrap airplane, but i dont want to hear you guys screaming it in Terminal A.

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