Everyones Suspicions Have Been Confirmed. Claw Machines Are Rigged.

We all knew the truth but never wanted to admit it. This hurts my soul a little. Me and my friends in high school would always post up weekend nights at the Steak n Shake by Sawgrass. We’d chill and it was all good times but I always eyed the fucking claw machine in the corner and I knew i had to conquer that thing. When it finally came time I sized the machine up and went head on. That night I spent 12 bucks to get a shitty stuffed animal bear. I felt alive. I never played any sport in high school but at that moment i had the determination to win at all cost. When you’re young sometimes thats what it means to be a man. Don’t try to explain to me that its just a game and that things in the world matter more. My mind might acknowledge the truth but my soul will be powerless to accept it. Considering how much money i’ve spent on the game and the immeasurability of all it offers in return. Nothing ever feels as perfect as a moment of flawlessness when the toy drops down the shoot. Not many people are as versed in the craft of motivation. Not many pursuits evoke such visions of brilliance. Thats why it hurts so much when skill falls short of what the will desires. This is why it’s so unforgettable when absolute passion yields ultimate reward.

I stole half of that from the closing sequence of 24/7 Rangers Flyers Winter Classic. Cause those monologues at the end are the fucking best and that captured how I felt when i got that fucking shitty teddy bear from the claw machine.

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