Uconn Made a Rivalry with UCF even though UCF didn’t know they had a rivalry.

Congrats UConn. You guys created the most unknown rivalry in the history of football. But im not gonna hate it though. If thats what you need to motivate the team for the next 130 days 23 hours 13 minutes and 10.8 seconds then so be it. But come Saturday October 10th you better be ready. If you think you can come into Bright House Stadium and just roll through UCF you’re crazy. I mean its kinda bullshit that they made this Trophy and not put up the score of the 2013 game where we trounced them 62-17. But fine, you want to make this a thing then so be it. Shit im loving it already. Michigan vs. Ohio state, Texas vs. Oklahoma, Georgia vs Florida, UCF vs Uconn. Storied rivalry that spans up and down the United States. Its on Uconn. Me and Knightro are coming for that ass.

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