Hey Ronda Rousey, You gotta step it up if you wanna pop up on the radar of the greatest hand to hand combat fighter/actor of all time, Jackie Chan

Ronda Rousey’s been getting a lot of love recently. Might be the hottest female in hollywood after Caitlyn Jenner. She’s in Entourage movies and showing up at Wrestlemania tossing Triple H and trying to break Stephanie McMahon’s arm and shit. Well reality check toots. You think you’re a great fighter and hot shit in Hollywood and can demolish any man that steps in your way well guess what? The worlds greatest female MMA fighter poses no more threat to JC as the worlds greatest termite. When it comes to hand to hand combat/acting she’s like bottom of the barrel. Chan’s been in 126 movies and Im pretty sure he fights and whoops ass in all of them. MMA fighting? Any arm bar you get Chan in, he’s gonna slip out of it like a slippery fish and hurt you or discombobulate the fuck outta you at the same time. Acting chops wise, have you not seen The Police Story series? Shanghai Nights? Rumble in the Bronx? Mr. Nice guy? Drunken Master??. Rousey is gonna be type casted as a mean female fighter. Jackie’s got range. Im all for Rousey being a great fighter and all but her talent and temperature just got bumped back in place by Number 1.Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.42.51 AM

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