Its crazy out here in the streets with all these roman candle shootouts going on.

I guess its a lot harder out in the streets of Chicago than what i know from all the scenic clips on ESPN and NBC from the Bulls and Blackhawks series. Its just mass hysteria. I mean here people are just driving home from dinner or from work and out of no where you end up in some sort of western shootout with roman candles. No care whatsoever about their life as they go head to head in this roman candle showdown. Seriously though, i would be scared as shit to get hit with a roman candle. Part of me thinks Im just gonna burst into flames if one of those hits me with a cotton sweater on or something. Its all fun and exhilarating until a flaming mortar shell is entrenched in my eye and i go blind. Just goes to show how its chaos in the streets these days, not to mention every single bystander on that street seemed to have a roman candle and a lighter ready to go too and we’re still a month away from July. Madness.

Also, you know who flat out doesnt give a fuck and values his life over his job? This cop

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.37.43 PM

Literally knows shits about to go down but he’s not gonna win this fight. Really we probably avoided another nation wide controversy about police brutality and instead just got a funny video on the internet. Thats the key to solving these cultural issues, just stop giving a fuck.


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