Rangers beat the Lightning, Force Game 7 ECF at MSG

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.42.33 AM

Talk about an incredible series. Started the eastern conference final slow but damn did things pick up. Heading in to the series i thought it was gonna be Tampa in 5. Rangers couldn’t win by more than 1 goal, Rick Nash had no production, had to go to 7 to take out the Caps. Detroit had the highest chance to take out Tampa. Datsyuk played great two way hockey and the entire team kept Tampa bays scoring in a cage by boxing out Stamkos. After that they pretty much steam rolled Montreal. I mean yea it went to 6 but it never really seemed close at all. Now here we are, game 7 at MSG. Want to give the edge to Tampa but something about Henrik and game 7’s at home make that seem like the way to go. Not to mention I never liked Bishop. Not the best goal tender in the Eastern conference playoffs. Next to Mrazek in Detroit they might be the worst. Frankly i don’t know what i should do with Tampa. Do i root for them because they’re florida and making Hockey relevant in the South? I mean they dont REALLY embrace the whole I-75 rivalry of Panthers Lightning anywhere. Gonna go with my gut and go with New York. They’ve won like 9 out of 10 Game 7’s at home (I might’ve botched that stat but roll with it), They aint losing. Tampa can get lost, Its the Florida Panthers time to shine soon enough in the Sunshine State. Friday night at 8, tune in and watch Tampa lose as the Rangers make their return to the Stanley Cup Finals again.

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