The Most Distinctive Cause of Death in Florida is HIV

Florida: Human immunodeficiency virus. (15563 deaths) Via- Washignton Post

Florida: Human immunodeficiency virus. (15563 deaths)
Via- Washignton Post

Well fuck. I guess at some point statistically i might have HIV in my life time. Heres the fucked up thing, Yea all those college party cities are bound to have STDs. Tally, Gainesville, Orlando, Miami. Walk on campus and throw a rock and you’ll hit someone who probably has some STD. might not be HIV, maybe just syphilis and definitely have herpes of some sort. Either way, college towns are expected to have some STDs lurking in prominent places. Fort Lauderdale though is the mix of College kids who 50% chance have herpes, and the left behind people that never went anywhere after high school and instead got a bar job with an abusive ex boyfriend probably that now 75% chance gives them aids or something. Probably cant even go to church here any more with out finding a girl who got the germ. Statistically i think Im probably gonna get HIV and I know for a fact that im not having nearly enough sex to potentially catch an STD.

Florida, man. If its not betting your face eaten or getting bricked to death by some meth addict then you’re definitely gonna die of HIV.

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