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How About The Game Pretty Much Writing Erotic Novels On His Instagram?


Fucking black guys and their hammer head dicks. At first i thought the hashtag stopped at #LickIt and thought it was aggressive. Well scroll just a tad bit more down and he’s pretty much writing some E L James 50 Shades in the hood type erotica. I mean #TakeYourIndexAndMiddleFingerAndMakeAGun and #ThenPutTheGunInsideYouAndPullTheTrigger? Thats some S&M murder a girl with your dick type of novel. And then he’s on about chicks cumming directly in his mouth? Didn’t even think black guys go down on chicks let alone catch a girls 1st nut with their tongues. Just an absurd gram post all around but also watched the Pats/Fins game? Had to be rooting for the Fins right?