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I Feel Awful For This Midget Getting Molly Whopped By This 7 Year Old

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.06.58 PM


Yo man, do these kids have no decency at all? Like yea if they were fake boxing with a kid their age but half a foot smaller i would get it. But like that midget could be 30 for all I know and he’s getting slobber knockered by kids who’s balls haven’t even dropped yet. It’s embarrassing. And sure I would never tell kids to take a dive or take a sympathy punch but at least let the little man throw one or two actual punches to entertain the notion of him possibly winning. Just goes to show how much it sucks being a little person I guess. Get no respect and can’t get anything done. Doesn’t matter if its a small child or Mayweather he’s going against, he was never gonna win.