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This Plumber Who Lets In A Titanic Sized Flood Into This Apartment Because He Didn’t Want To Get Charged $150 Bucks To Turn Off The Water Is Not A Very Good Plumber


Landlord calls plumber who foolishly tries to repair a leak without first turning the water off. He did not want to pay the $150 water shut-off fee and instead causes thousands in damage to two apartments.
Link to video at > http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4b1_1483233942#OWh1cc8TOM3Im8V5.99


I understand that the tenants must be going through hell having to deal with the flood from the Book of Genesis inside their apartment but I’m pretty sure once the apartment is dry and the live stock are free to roam again he’ll appreciate how comically bad everyone in this scenario was and how hysterically bad this plumber was (not “is” because he certainly shouldn’t keep his job). I mean here I was thinking it was bad when I clog the toilet and for some dumb reason I flush again and the water doesn’t drain but hits the very peak rim of the toilet, and once it subsides a little bit, I think a third one will do the trick and then a bit of water spills out and I know I’m gonna have to break out the mop. Obviously this plumber was WAY in over his head thinking he can some how fix a tiny leak with out stopping running water as if it wasn’t one of the most powerful natural force earth and mother nature has to offer, but yo no one else made the situation less disastrously funny. For example. This mom here that thinks her dumb ass wet vac is going to do ANYTHING. Like sure if there was a little wet spot from a spilled cup of water, sure go ahead, but when it looks like 20 minutes into the Titanic hitting the iceberg and the water bursting through layers of steel like thisscreen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-56-19-pm

Then you should probably call it quits with the little 5 gallon wet vac and start looking into finding duct tape, a welding torch, and possibly some scuba gear.

The camera guy was no help either. Like sure I had a ton of laughs watching the plumber gasp for air trying to fix a tiny leak but the guy pretty much was just standing around not helping much or getting ready for whatever is to happen next. Once water hit the carpets I would get on the highest sturdy structure and signal for help and be on my computer looking for possible rental listings and an insurance claims attorney. That place is done for. And once the dust settles and doesn’t look like a torrential hurricane happened inside the place, I give the plumber credit. Guy stuck to the game plan 14+ minutes in. He said he knew he can fix it even though the water wasn’t turned off and he stuck by that. He didn’t not say whether or not it would floor the place and ruin the structural integrity of an apartment complex, he just saw a job he had to do and did it. You think it’s easy to rub some JB Weld over a small crack in pvc piping when there’s a water cannon in your face? fuck no. They use that shit to deter protestors and riots at the Dakota Access Pipeline and in Birmingham ’63. Not an easy job but this guy fought it to the bones and you knew it 20 seconds in when he takes a deep breath like he’s about to go underwater and continued not knowing what the fuck to do but not quitting.


Car Wash Manager Gets Absolutely BUNDLED By The Car Wash


Hilarious. It looks like a normal operating machinery once your 5 inches away but step 2 inches closer and it becomes a god damn death trap. Don’t even know how that happens. Let go of the hose? Use free will to move away? Not like it grabbed him by the hair but it still somehow meleed him into a pretzel. I always kinda wondered what it would be like to get hit with one of those. Always thought it would be like going through the wringer in Double Dare but apparently its like going through a category 5 hurricane




This Bird Is Just Not Cut Out For The Wild


 Bird Rescue Release Fail Having recently rescued and cared for the injured bird, it was time for its release into the wild ..... however, not quite everything went according to plan.  No, it did not flyded.

Bird Rescue Release Fail
Having recently rescued and cared for the injured bird, it was time for its release into the wild ….. however, not quite everything went according to plan. No, it did not flyded.

VIDEO LINK HERE——-> https://vid.me/47VT

“Nature Finds A Way”-Ian Malcom. Listen buddy, Nature intended for you to die. Hate to break the news to you like that but felt like warning you now just so you dont attempt flight for a 3rd time and fly into a propeller blade or something. Its just natural selection, If you’re not fit for the world, you die. Theres a balance in this world that has to be in place. We can’t just have all birds be perfectly able to fly out of any situation and make them supreme. Sometimes one or two of them have to have like avian vertigo and just wobble in the air crashing into shit. So its time to get your wings clipped and become a pet for someone and live or else face the wild where you suck balls at flying. The choice is yours.