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Marlins Hire Barry Bonds As The New Hitting Coach.

Now this story came out last friday but guess what? I didn’t remember till today so boom. Its like im re-breaking news.

Anyways, Barry Bonds. Now Im going to start off by saying, i don’t think good hitter translates to good hitting coach. Especially contributing to a whole roster. It feels a little bit like a flashy move. Sign Mattingly, sign Barry Bonds, one of the most famous player in baseball because of his stats and steroid controversy. It’s a lot of using big names when nothing has yet to be proven. Who knows how well he’ll be at coaching. But either way, i like it. If anything i feel like it’ll bring in a couple dozen more people to the park and if you can create a winning atmosphere, the confidence grows. Get a well recognized hitter imparting wisdom on the bench I think will really help out this group. Especially with this new crop of youngsters who can appreciate being managed by names like Mattingly and Bonds. People are pointing to Bonds working with Arod and Dexter Fowler who both had a good season. Yea it might be a small sample size but still worth trying since the Marlins might actually be going for it with the coaching change and the young players. If Bonds can get Stanton to that next stratosphere then no one would doubt the hiring and if the rest of the roster improves along with it, im more than willing to bet that they’d be putting asses in the seats at Marlins park.