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High Schoolers Voluntarily Get Pepper Sprayed For Their Criminal Science Class


Yo shout of the girl in the middle who apparently has eyeballs that can withstand xenomorph blood.

I’ve never personally experienced pepper spray directly in my face but I imagine its like squirting a lemon into your eyes times a billion. Maybe she just has the worlds most impenetrable eye lids on the face of the earth that’s keeping it from seeping into her pupils, I dont know. But either way, she has some balls compared tot he rest of them. I know my reaction would probably be something similar to these guys.

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All of them looking like a hawk just ripped their eyeballs from their head and I don’t blame them one bit. I mean this shit is for stopping criminals in their track. Getting your eyes fucked with can reduce The Hulk into a whimpering baby on the floor probably.  But not that one chick. Bitch is just so stone cold taking pepper spray to the eyes like its nothing.