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This New Ronda Rousey Porn Parody Trailer Looks Awful

I get it, its just a porno parody. But if I were Ronda Rousey I would’ve tried to take some control of the situation. I mean In that one scene you see Porno Rousey use her signature arm bar and the guy made it look like it was no threat at all. Thats not a good look for the real Ronda Rousey If I see her porn character use the arm bar and instead of pain in the opponents eyes i just picture them wanting to dominate her sexually. I need some passion and intensity from Ronda ArouseMe. I mean the chicks did the signature hair bunned up look i guess, But Rousey’s known for her ferociousness. Her energy. The anger was non existent. I was expecting a real dominating type of porn performance from her, Like a Gianna Michaels type just owning dick and pussy. What happened to the days when Digital Playground spent millions to make a porno like Pirates. I mean by the end of that I thought I was a swashbuckler enthralled in a sex filled adventure at sea, and by the end of Grounded and Pounded I want to feel my bones aching putting up an anger fueled sex romp.