Sometimes When You Try To Rob A Guy’s House, You’re Ragdolled By A 3 Ton Pickup Truck


I hate how our legal system isn’t perfect, case and point, I know that this guy is going to get in trouble some how because he shoved a moving vehicle up a guys asshole until their spine gave out probably, but this should 100% be legal. Like as long as the guy’s not dead its not manslaughter right? Maybe attempted vehicular manslaughter but frankly as long as these burglars can breathe and are alive, I don’t think smashing into them with a moving vehicle is beyond the scope of what’s fare. Like if you’re a criminal it should be pirate rules. You steal my loot, I’m allowed to attempt to run you over in my pick up truck. That’s the legal system I want. A judge in court might rule it as excessive. In my mind, its fair. Pirate rules.

p.s- this is some weird fancy house with a garage in the living room? And how about the motorcycle person who just casually parks their bike and drops their helmet off and runs up stairs to take a pee or something. Its 2017, pull out your cell phone when you see some one get bucked 5 feet across your garage from a pick up truck and an attempted robbery just happened in front of your face.

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