Cue The In-N-Out Fan Boy Outrage When It Falls As The Number 2 Ranked Burger

I never pay attention to these polls cause they’re all dumb but man o man does it feel satisfying to have In-N-Out fall from grace into the number 2 spot. And listen, I’ve never had In-N-Out. I’m sure its a tasty burger for a decent price, but what I’m saying is that it’s over rated as fuck. A good burger doesn’t need much, a bun, beef, cheese, some toppings etc. Let me walk into your burger establishment and say I want a Cheese burger or a hamburger. What I don’t want is a busy ass place with over privileged California kids say “Oh I want a triple triple triple animal style and blah blah blah it’s lit suh dude.” All of that is nonsense. Just give me a burger. I don’t want a fancy name. I don’t want a stupid paper hat. I don’t want thousand island dressing on my fries that people get because it’s on a “secret menu” that every one in the state of California, with the highest population of all 50 U.S. states totaling to over 38 million people, know. If I live in Cali, I get it. Its a good burger at a good price. But coming from me here, I’m tired of all the assholes that say its the best with it’s gimmick menu and over complicated ordering process. And I might just go to Five Guys tonight just to rub it in their faces.


SIDENOTE- Steak n Shake falling to number 10 is criminal. I get it’s not a Burger but the frsico melt is so dangerously good that if we technically add melts to the burger category it should wipe out half the competition. And then some of the diversity there. The Guac burger, the Wisconsin buttery that is an instant heart attack. Delicious. Smashburger is trash, Sonics was one of the worst fast food experience in my life time and that includes shitting my pants almost immediately after having a breakfast buritto from McDonalds. Steak n Shake should be like 5 on the list.

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