We Fucked Around With Some Gene Splicing And Created Demon Wasps

Dailymail- A terrifying new strain of red-eyed mutant have been created by scientists.
The wasps were developed in a lab to prove that gene-slicing technology can be used successfully on the tiny parasitic jewel wasps.
Scientists say it has given them a new way to study some of the wasp’s unusual biology.
Understanding this could help find new ways of protecting crops or stopping the spread of malaria and other diseases.
For instance, it could reveal how males can convert all their progeny into males by using selfish genetic elements.
No one knows how that selfish genetic element in some male wasps ‘can somehow kill the female embryos and create only males,’ said Omar Akbari, an assistant professor of entomology who led the research team at the University of California.
Dr Akbari added: ‘To understand that, we need to pursue their PSR – paternal sex ratio – chromosomes, perhaps by mutating regions of the PSR chromosome to determine which genes are essential for its functionality.’
To do this, scientists used CRISPR technology.
This allows scientists to inject components such as RNA and proteins into an organism with instructions to find, cut and mutate a specific piece of DNA.
Then researchers can see how disrupting that DNA affects the organism.

Well I’ll just come out and say it. That’s about the most terrifying insect I’ve ever seen. Eyes redder than the devils dick looking menacing as fuck. Feel like If it stung an Elephant it can bring the whole beast down. Do I actually know what the fuck these scientist playing god did? No but i know it involves fucking around with genes and DNA and that this diagram

looks similar enough in concept to this

Like Mr. DNA splicing Dinosaur DNA with a god damn frog and turn it into a 35 foot tall beast. I mean we’re almost there. I know 4 films that end in complete disaster and death of humans should be enough of a life lesson to know we shouldn’t play god in creating creatures that have never been seen by humans before, but I just need it to happen. Its like a childhood dream to see a real life Jurassic Park. That’s why watching Jurassic World, even though it was sub par at beast, was awesome. Because they got to play a childhood dream in real life. And sure, like I said it’ll probably end with people getting super Fucked by dinosaurs, but once, you achieve a goal, you gotta set a new goal to top that. Always wanted to see a dinosaur in real life, check. Time to hunt one of those fuckers in real life. I don’t want to do it but If we just so happen to make a frog Raptor I’m not beyond shooting that thing with slugs to save my own skin. That’s the plan for the future. Today we make gene spliced wasp, tomorrow we gene splice frog dinosaurs. The day after that, we kill them all.

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